Pinzolo on Summer

Sports areas, rivers and mountains

In summer you can easily reach the “Pineta” on foot, a green area adjacent to the Sarca river, where the little ones can have fun using the well-equipped playground, and the older ones can relax immersed in nature, walking on both sides of the river along the entire Val Rendena.

For the more active, also in the pine forest area there is the sports area with tennis courts, football fields, beach volleyball, skatepark, bowling alley, ice rink and horse riding. Furthermore, there is the possibility of using mountain bikes along the cycle path that connects the entire Valley or going on excursions along the paths immersed in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, reaching flowering pastures, mountain huts with their cheeses and typical mountain refuges with routes suitable for both beginners and more experienced climbers.

Fishing, football, guided excursions

For fishing enthusiasts, the Sarca River, easily accessible, has an almost entirely natural riverbed, with an abundant flow rate, deep holes and good current. The variety of environments and the creation of specific areas for each fishing technique satisfy the needs of every type of fisherman.

La Pineta is also the sports center where all the retreats of the major Serie A football teams were held: in fact Pinzolo appears to be among the first locations chosen by the teams as a point for the pre-season summer retreat. To guarantee your walks and excursions, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park represents a mark of quality. Synonymous with environmental and landscape guarantees, the Park offers a rich offer of guided excursions for everyone with informative meetings on the varieties of flora and fauna, protected and otherwise, and, in general, on our unique nature.

Val di Genova and the Nardis waterfalls

Val di Genova: come and discover the valley of the waterfalls!
Go and discover the renowned Val di Genova, one of the most visited side valleys of Val Rendena in all of Trentino.
The narrow valley of glacial origin insinuates itself between the two mountain groups of Presanella and Adamello, at the foot of the glaciers from which the Sarca river in Genoa originates.

Along its 18 km, you can admire several waterfalls by walking along the path of the same name (“waterfall trail”). The first is found near the entrance to the valley and is probably the most majestic and famous of the Adamello-Dolomiti di Brenta Park: the Nardis waterfalls.

A cool cloud in summer, fantastic crystal columns in winter. The Nardìs waterfalls are located at the entrance to Val Genova, a lateral side of Val Rendena which opens just upstream from Pinzolo. With a few leaps they overcome the height difference of 130 meters and are probably the most spectacular in Trentino. Symbol of the Valley, defined in the nineteenth century as “the Versailles of northern Italy” for its wealth of water, the waterfalls are formed by the Nardìs stream, which originates from the glacier of the same name which whitens the eastern slope of the highest mountain in Trentino , the Presanella (3558 m.).

However, the show doesn’t end here! Continuing through the valley, it is possible to admire other equally magnificent and majestic waterfalls.

To name a few, the Lares waterfalls are located about 10 km from the entrance to the Valley and are located on the orographic right of the river. With their two jumps they reach a considerable height and offer a unique spectacle immersed in the woods.

Another impressive waterfall is the Pedruc waterfall, which is located a few kilometers before the end of the valley at Malga Bedole: a single large drop with a lot of water.
The peculiarity of this waterfall is the possibility of crossing it, passing over a pedestrian bridge (through which the waterfall path passes) located right above it.

The Val di Genova is not only waterfalls but also the coexistence of an intact and wild flora and fauna: the valley is entirely covered with evergreens (including larches and firs), a dense and in some cases impenetrable forest. The animals that populate the valley and, in general, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park constitute the typical fauna of the Alpine landscape: roe deer, deer and chamois are the main ungulates that can be found.

Higher up, marmots, grouse, hawks and eagles reign supreme. In recent years, thanks to a reintroduction project implemented by the Adamello Brenta Natural Park (“Life Ursus” project), we can also find some specimens of brown bears, which already inhabited this valley in the past. Furthermore, being among the most significant in the entire Alpine arc for its wild aggressiveness and the concentration of very varied and spectacular natural landscapes, the Valley has always impressed the imagination of the mountain dwellers who have frequented it since ancient times.
From here derive the legends and popular beliefs that surround it, giving it a hint of mysterious suggestiveness. It is said, among other things, that the Fathers of the Council of Trent relegated witches and devils there. Throughout the Genoa valley there is certainly no shortage of refreshment points, where you can simply stop to relax, immersed in the enchanting environment of the Park or taste the typical dishes of the Trentino tradition.

Val Nambrone

Val Nambrone is a typical, rugged and wild Alpine valley, completely accessible by car. The road, lateral to the road to Madonna di Campiglio, climbs the mountains and reaches over 2100 meters above sea level at the Cornisello refuge.

From here, it is possible to reach the Cornisello lakes and other high mountain lakes (e.g. Lago Nero) and admire unique views of the upper Val Rendena, Presanella and Adamello and the Brenta group. Certainly, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet some species of high mountain animals such as marmots and chamois, which abound in this area. Rich in water and woods, Val Nambrone extends for approximately 9 kilometers in the south-eastern sector of the Presanella Group, between the Presanella massif and the Monte Nambrone – Monte Serodoli ridge, which separates it from the Campiglio Valley. Of glacial origin, but without the characteristic “steps”, Val Nambrone is crossed by the Sarca di Nambrone which originates from the lake of the same name located, solitary, at the head of the valley under Cima Baselga; for a while these waters flow hidden under a band of moraines and then emerge further downstream.

Harsh and wild in the upper part and in the valleys, in the lower stretch of Val Nambrone the environment is characterized by lush vegetation and the richness of water, the presence of settlements (such as the rural one of Pimont at the mouth of the valley) and numerous mountain huts .

It is by walking along the numerous paths that you have the opportunity to appreciate the wild beauty of the valley already in its lower stretch: the area of ​​marshes and lakes at the confluence between the Sarca d’Amola (do not miss an excursion along the “Amolacqua” path recently set up by the Park) and that of Nambrone and, higher up, the surroundings of the Mandra dell’Ors where it is possible to catch suggestive views of the spectacular Cornisello waterfall. Between the Mandra dell’Om and the Vallina d’Amola, stands the Giovanni Segantini refuge (2373 m.). It constitutes the best support point for the climb to the top of Presanella from the Val Rendena side.
It can be reached in about 1 hour from the ruins of Malga Vallina d’Amola (2020 m), where you can arrive by car following the road to the Cornisello lakes.
A second path to the Segantini refuge starts from the Cornisello refuge, through the Bocca dell’Om, passing by Lake Nero. The second lateral hanging valley of Val Nambrone, Val Cornisello, also develops almost parallel to the Val d’Amola. At its head are the two Cornisello glaciers which originate the Sarca di Cornisello, which flows into the Val Nambrone forming the spectacular Cornisello waterfall, clearly visible from various points of path no. 238 which goes up from the valley floor towards the upper part. Many small lakes in as many glacial basins dot the upper valley enclosed by the Ginèr, Scarpacò, Bon, Amola and Cornisello peaks.
The two Cornisello lakes, Inferiore and Superiore, are located in a large glacial basin almost devoid of vegetation. On the rocky spur above the lakes is the Cornisello refuge at 2120 metres, reachable by car following the road that runs along the entire valley.


Vallesinella is scenic, interesting from a naturalistic point of view and easily accessible, where one of the branches of the Sarca river originates.
Whether it is the destination of a walk to discover the splendid waterfalls of karst origin or the start of a trek or a climb to the peaks of the central chain of the Brenta Dolomites, Vallesinella is always a privileged route. A flat dirt road of about 5 kilometers leads from the center of Madonna di Campiglio to the head car park.
Upstream and downstream, easy paths lead to the discovery of the waterfalls, rich in water especially during the thaw period. If you want to go up, the SAT paths lead to all the high refuges in the Brenta Dolomites group, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (Dolomites World Heritage Site) in June 2009.
The panorama that can be enjoyed as you climb up among fir trees, larches and mountain pines is gradually grandiose, with the formidable wall of Crozzon di Brenta on one side and on the other side of Val Rendena the Adamello-Presanella glaciers. The visit to the upper part of Vallesinella can also be partly connected using the Spinale and Grosté ski lifts.

Golf courses: relaxation immersed in nature!

A few kilometers from Pinzolo, there is the Rendena Golf Club accessible from the town of Bocenago.
In the heart of Val Rendena, this 9-hole course is easily accessible both by car and via the nearby cycle path and will give you unique emotions with magnificent views! This is not the only Golf Club available in the area… About 15 kilometers away, just after the town of Madonna di Campiglio, is the Campo Carlo – Madonna di Campiglio Golf Club.
Situated at an altitude of 1,650 metres, it represents one of the highest courses in Europe and fascinates the player with breathtaking views. A spectacular view of the enchanting and majestic Brenta Group will captivate your attention.